Machine Translation Based on Artificial Intelligence


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, language technologies are evolving tremendously. The development of Virtual Assistants such as “Alexa” or “Siri” by global businesses only increases the threat of the lack of presence of a minority language like Basque.
The development of the machine translation platform aspires to:

  • Offer society a platform based on Artificial Intelligence applied to the translation of Basque.
  • Generate data through the use of the platform allowing the improvement of ITZULI, our machine translation software library and the engine behind Batua.
  • Accelerate the development of Basque language technologies, in order to place it at the same level as majority languages, thus boosting Transfer to the Business Network and Society through a virtuous circle in which technology improves through use.

The proposed solution is the creation of a free online translator open to the general public for the translation of texts. It is important to highlight that it is a translator of texts, because it is not a dictionary or translator of words. Its aim is teh creation of models permitting the carrying out of contextualised translations which are very close to natural language.

The result is now available at our platform:


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