Monetizing car & mobility data for new entrants, technologies and actors



01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023


Machine Learning

Cars capture and generate huge volumes of data in real-time about the driving dynamics, the environment, and the driverand passengers’ activities. With greater proliferation of connected and automated mobility applications, the value of datafrom vehicles is getting strategic not just for the automotive industry but in a wider scope, and not limited to the onboardsystems and services.

5GMETA open platform aims to leverage car-captured data to stimulate, facilitate and feed with them innovative productsand services. The result of 5GMETA will empower the automotive ecosystem from industry players to new entrants, such asSMEs and high-tech start-ups granting access to interoperable car-captured data according to data licenses. The access todata coming from relevant geographical regions will catalyse the generation of new opportunities and business modelscoming from valuable services, where data liability and billing will rely on accountability dashboard of dataflow subscriptionand volume consumption.

Vicomtech, in addition to coordinating the project, will focus on the development of the end-to-end IoT platform based on 5G to support the development of new sensors and autonomous driving functionalities that will enable new models and connected mobility services.

5GMETA expands 5G network functions to enable data monetization with a secure and private pipeline that manages datacomputing, dataflows according to service subscriptions and geographic queries.

5GMETA will realise representative demonstrators in terms of data heterogeneity, value creation and business models toensure that third parties and new players’ interests and requirements are considered beyond traditional automotiveindustries. 5GMETA will focus on technology transfer activities performing different dissemination, tutorials and hackathonsto incubators and clusters to capture attention of SMEs and high-tech start-ups with a platform leading to new opportunitiesin an incoming profitable mark.

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