New generation of equipment and Technology of Lamination 4.0


The challenge posed by Sarralle is the development of a new generation of equipment for the steel industry with the objective of responding to market needs

The steelmakers demand equipment, facilities and manufacturing processes that help them compete in an increasingly demanding environment in which new requirements related to dimensional tolerance, appearance and conformation are being introduced, while concepts such as chemical analysis, mechanical properties and fatigue resistance remain of vital importance.

Steel equipment suppliers must be able to respond to these needs, marked by a growing demand for competitiveness that motivates the optimization of all factors related to cost management such as productivity, equipment maintainability and flexibility of the productive processes. All this translates into the need to develop a new equipment generation that meets the expectations generated.

In a clear intention to take on this challenge SARRALLE, in collaboration with renowned Basque companies and Vicomtech as a technological partner in addition to other RVCTI agents, has undertaken the development of a new generation of equipment for the steel industry, strongly supported by Industry 4.0 technologies.

More specifically, in the scope of this project, advanced technology has been developed for the production of steel rolls in the entire range of diameters demanded by the market (Ø 5.5-64 mm). In recent years there has been an increase in the demand for said product; Special steel wire rod is widely used in the automotive industry for the manufacture of different engine components, transmission lines and chassis parts, which is a very important niche market for steelmakers.

This initiative has been funded by the Hazitek SPRI group program. The results achieved have been a reinforcement and consolidation of the commitment to advanced manufacturing technologies.

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