Acceleration of Biomedical Research and personalised medicine

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We help in the scaling of research processes, forming multi-disciplinary work teams with experience in the sector

Acceleration of Biomedical Research and personalised medicine

We work with the biomedical research sector, seeking to accelerate research and maximise the efficiency of its processes by means of the application of our technology and knowledge. Specifically, we research and develop:

  • Advanced solutions for the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for the development of precision medicine
  • Advanced solutions in bioinformatics
  • Development of image biomarkers
  • Computational modelling and silico simulation of biological processes and therapies
  • Automation of visual inspection processes
  • Noteworthy Projects
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Vicomtech participates in the European project LUCIA, an initiative born with the idea of paving the way for a better management and treatment of lung cancer.

The kick off of the project took place in early February at the Technion facilities in Haifa, Israel. In a two-day meeting, around 60 expert members of the consortium were able to share their vision of the project, exchange ideas and show their enthusiasm for being able to participate in an initiative that focuses on one of the most aggressive and deadly cancers in existence: lung cancer.


A cross-border hub to develop and validate Artificial Intelligence techniques for anonymization and synthetic data generation in rare hematological diseases

SYNTHEMA aims to establish a privacy-preserving, cross-border hub to develop and validate innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) models for clinical data anonymisation and synthetic data generation in rare hematological diseases.


Vicomtech exhibits at the Ensanche Building in Bilbao the keys to AI technologies applied to Digital Health and Personalized Medicine

The event took place on June 23th 2022, at the Ensanche Building in Bilbao, and was attended by different companies, Healthcare Institutions and Administrations.


AI for Digital Health and Personalized Medicine. June 23, 2022 - Ensanche Building, Bilbao

The objective of the session is to present realities and prospecting to help identify opportunities for the application of Artificial Intelligence in digital health and Personalized Medicine for both companies and health institutions and administrations


Vicomtech and Aingura Ilot participated in the IoT Solutions World Congress 2022 in Barcelona with the Testbed “Digital Twin for pick and place with high speed automation”

The event, which takes place from May 10th to 12th in Barcelona, brings together and showcases innovative solutions and technologies from different national and international companies that are revolutionizing and transforming today’s industry.


The fourth call of the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge incorporates a second contest for entrepreneurs and state startups

This new competition, in which Vicomtech also participates as an expert jury, is part of ’Spanish Screenings: Financing & Tech' and will be held at the same time as the European competition.

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