IK4 launches a scheme to promote doctoral talent involving the training of specialised profiles for Basque companies


IK4 has set up a programme to promote PhD talent for graduates who wish to do their theses at one of the R&D centres in the Alliance. It sets out to train highly specialised profiles in subjects that have a high impact on Basque industry; they will contribute towards driving forward the capacity for innovation of the centres and of the Basque economy in general, whether is it through developing R&D projects in the Alliance itself or going on to join Basque companies to apply their knowledge.

This scheme is in response to a shortfall that has been dogging the Basque employment market in which it is difficult to find suitable applicants to cover certain jobs that call for very specific training in key areas for industrial development.

The centres in the Alliance will be offering a total of 33 places for the 2016-2017 academic year. The scheme will remain open throughout the year, but an initial campaign to select applicants due to remain open until September has been launched.

The details of the scheme are available at www.doctorados.ik4.es. The websites of the IK4 centres and that of the Alliance itself will have links to this website.

“The knowledge generated while the theses are being done and the skills that the PhD students will be developing will without doubt contribute towards driving forward our capacity for innovation and raise the technological level of the country,” said IK4's CEO José Miguel Erdozain. “Having highly trained people is indispensable for running R&D projects at the R&D centres, and will also enable us to transfer knowledge and talent to Basque companies that are in need of them,” he added.

Requirements and conditions

To gain access to the programme it is necessary to have an higher university degree of more than 300 ECTS credits or an official Master’s degree providing PhD access as well as an advanced level of English. The research vocation of the applicants will also be taken into consideration and other specific requirements may be taken into account in each individual case.

The duration of the scheme to promote PhD talent will be 3 years, and this period could be extended for a further year if the R&D centre considers that there are good reasons for this. At the end of this period the PhD thesis will have to be defended.

Each centre will be responsible for the process to evaluate the applications received. Once the selection has been made, an employment contract covering the period of duration of the PhD will be signed.


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