Operator 4.0, the concept that refers to operators that improve their capabilities and skills thanks to technology


Visual Computing technologies are an integral part of the Industry 4.0 paradigm. These technologies, in addition to being applied to automation systems, can directly assist operators. In this context, Vicomtech develops applications around the concept of Operator 4.0, that refers to the operator who, taking advantage of the advanced technologies of ICT and Visual Computing, greatly expands his skills and can grow facing new responsibilities. Thanks to these technologies, for example, the operator can increase his acting capacity, his observation and analysis of the production process, his way of controlling it and he can be guided by these systems in the assembly and verification tasks.

Vicomtech works in this line of empowerment of the operator within the production processes and has already developed several solutions that are summarized in a scientific article entitled "Visual Computing technologies to support the Operator 4.0". It presents a series of Visual Computing applications that make an approach to the potential of Operator 4.0. The technologies used include Computer Graphics, Visual Analytics and collaborative robotics.

This article can be downloaded at Science Direct.com


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