In 2019, Vicomtech's carbon footprint has been reduced by 26%


One of the factors that has contributed most to this reduction has been the use of certified 100% renewable electric energy, which has eliminated our emissions of high-level radioactive waste. The same decreasing trend occurs in the consumption of paper and water.

Our great challenge for the future is still transport, this is the aspect that most contributes to our emissions, is around 50%, with air traffic producing the most CO2 emissions. Measures are already being taken in this area, in 2018 a LPG-propelled car was acquired as a company vehicle, which is cleaner in its combustion and therefore emits less CO2, less NOx and less particles. The acquisition of another of similar characteristics is expected throughout this year.

Climate change, increasingly evident, leads us to apply our good sustainable practices every day. In the development of all our activities we promote environmental awareness actions that we disseminate among our stakeholders. In 2018, with a spirit of continuous improvement, we went one step further and certified our environmental management under the ISO 14001 standard.

This certificate proves that we have a state-of-the-art methodology to identify and assess environmental aspects of the centre’s intangible assets. All the aspects which could affect the environment causing changes in environmental conditions are identified and calculated in real time. This methodology is implemented through the environmental footprint of Vicomtech. It enables the assessment of both directly or indirectly associated environmental risks with the activity of the organisation and improves our environmental performance as well as interacting with our suppliers and sub-contractors in behaviour matters.


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