Vicomtech develops the Driver Monitoring Dataset (DMD), an open-source driver monitoring system now available for academic and scientific use.


Loss of attention and distractions while driving, such as drowsiness, use of mobile phones or interaction with other passengers, are one of the main causes of accidents at the wheel.

In this context and within the framework of the VI-DAS project led by Vicomtech, the Driver Monitoring Dataset was created, an open-source created by the centre itself for the development of algorithms and validation of driver monitoring systems. Thus, this system was created following a massive video data capture campaign of different types of driver situations, including scenes of distraction due to different causes, drowsiness, etc., to serve as material for estimating the driver's gaze or interaction of the driver's hands behind the wheel.

The video data capture has been carried out by incorporating 3 cameras inside a vehicle, one focused on the driver's face, one for the body and one for the hands. Each camera has 3 channels of information: RGB, infrared and depth. This wealth of information increases the possible applications that can be obtained from the use of the DMD.

A total of 37 volunteers participated in the recordings, with which approximately 42TB of raw data was collected, which was further processed resulting in the tagging of all videos with more than 50 time tags including distracting activities such as talking on the mobile phone, talking, drinking. Also included are numbness and blinking, eye state, microsleeps, yawning; or hand position, occlusions, among others.

The Driver Monitoring Dataset, openly available for academic and scientific use

The DMD as one of the largest DMD datasets in the world is openly available for academic and scientific use. Access the Driver Monitoring Dataset website by clicking here and following the instructions below to download it:

  1. Fill in the download form

  2. Create a box account if you do not already have one.

  3. Accept the terms and conditions

  4. The folder with the DMD file in video format is sent to your email with a direct link to box.

With this open source system, Vicomtech makes its knowledge available to citizens and academia to contribute to the development of systems that prevent distractions and accidents at the wheel, thus maintaining its commitment to transfer technology to society.






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