Vicomtech participates in the ADAGIO project, a system for the automatic generation of adapted text developed thanks to Artificial Intelligence


Vicomtech is part of ADAGIO, a project under development in the field of Generative AI. Its main objective is the research and development of an automatic text generation system adaptable to specific domains by means of Artificial Intelligence technologies. Within the framework of the project, methods and systems for the automatic generation of text adaptable to specific use cases in industry are developed by adapting language models to specific domains and uses. In this process, neural language model optimisation methods are also being developed in order to make responsive systems deployable in resource-constrained environments. On the other hand, this project develops an integrated adaptive generation system, which makes it possible to manage generation models and specific use cases in a transparent way for users, as well as developing graphical and programming interfaces.

Vicomtech, scientific-technological coordinator of the project leading the development of the main AI components of the system

Vicomtech assumes the role of scientific-technological coordinator of the project, leading the research and development of the main Artificial Intelligence components of the system.  The ADAGIO project covers four main different use cases based on the needs of the companies in the consortium. In the first one, work is carried out on the generation of industrial memories and offers based on existing technical specifications and previous documentation, while the second use case focuses on the generation of new content based on existing documentation.  In addition, within the framework of content generation, the ADAGIO project also covers use cases related to marketing and courses related to health and physical activity. 

ADAGIO is developed for Basque, Spanish and Catalan languages.  As it is a project related to Language Technologies, extensive generative language models (LLM) of different types and sizes are applied. Adaptation methods using zero-shot and few-shot prompting, efficient fine-tuning and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) methods are also used. 

The project is being carried out thanks to the collaboration of several organisations with the leadership of LKS Next. In addition to Vicomtech, CodeSyntax, SS4C, Athlon, Krean and Ondoan are also involved in the research and development of ADAGIO.  This project is part of the Hazitek 2023 call for proposals.

With ADAGIO, Vicomtech maintains its commitment to actively contribute to the environment through technology transfer, providing its knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and, in this case, in Language Technologies, and thus being able to influence the competitiveness of companies by improving the technological capacity of their services.


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