Vicomtech travels to Málaga Tech Park to carry out advanced driving tests within the framework of the 5G + Tactile project


A team from Vicomtech travelled to Málaga Tech Park in the framework of 5G + Tactile to carry out a series of remote driving tests together with the company and project partner Dekra and the University of Málaga, coordinator of the project.

The main purpose of 5G + Tactile is to boost the 5G network and apply this innovation to various scenarios, ranging from autonomous and connected mobility to public safety and high-precision agriculture.

In the project led by the University of Malaga, the "OpenTwins" platform has been developed for vehicle monitoring and for which, in parallel, Vicomtech has designed a Digital Twin replicating the real scenario of the test tracks. The Digital Twin, directly connected to the OpenTwins platform developed by the University of Malaga, recreates the real scenario of the test tracks.

Vicomtech makes its Autonomous Car "CARLOTA" available for the project tests

During the tests, a demonstration and validation of advanced driving was carried out using Vicomtech's autonomous car, "CARLOTA", as the test vehicle.

Thus, during the validation process, the vehicle connects to the experimental 5G network deployed on the tracks and sends, through the same network, a video streaming to a remote control station where a driver is driving the vehicle from the same place. The driver, visualising the scene where the vehicle is at all times thanks to the streaming sent by the driver, is able to operate the vehicle through a steering wheel and pedals in the remote control station itself.

In order to control the vehicle and thus achieve autonomous driving, steering wheel and pedal commands are sent to the vehicle via the 5G network.

Thanks to the tests carried out, it was possible to evaluate the driving system of the "CARLOTA" vehicle at first hand, making use of the 5G network deployed on the circuit. In this way, it was verified that communications in both directions, vehicle-remote control station, remote control station-vehicle worked perfectly.

With 5G + Tactile, Vicomtech underlines once again its commitment to the digitalisation of the mobility sector, striving for safer, smarter and more autonomous driving.


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