Bringing advanced simulation, vision and artificial intelligence technologies, Vicomtech collaborates in the evolution of InPicker, INFAIMON's universal picking solution.


The collaboration agreement between Vicomtech and INFAIMON aims at the evolution and optimisation of InPicker, a hardware (vision + robot) and software (image analysis + communications) solution for complex 3D Picking applications. In line with the strategy of continuous product improvement, and as a result of this collaboration, advanced vision and artificial intelligence techniques are being implemented, as well as interactive simulation. The evolution that the system will undergo with this technological boost will involve a substantial improvement in the estimation of the robot's trajectories, allowing a more efficient choice and leading in turn to an improvement in the speed and increased safety of the operations carried out. Indeed, the fact of carrying out prior validations in a simulated environment guarantees efficiency once the optimal choice is implemented in the process.

Another area of collaboration focuses on the application of artificial vision for part recognition and image segmentation in complex environments where there are heterogeneous parts with different types of geometries and materials. The aim of this line of work is to optimise the calculation times for object segmentation, recognition and pose estimation, as well as simulation for fast path planning, which is a critical phase in the value chain of picking systems. An efficient procedure that saves cycle times and enables advanced and secure high-speed solutions and processes. The role of Artificial Intelligence in this line of work is relevant since it supports both the processes of recognition and/or identification of a geometry in a point cloud, as well as the planning or optimal generation of trajectories, providing a considerable advantage through techniques such as reinforcement learning. The use of Artificial Intelligence in the InPicker solution allows us to take Artificial Vision to environments, sectors and types of applications that have not been automated to date.

Vicomtech has a long track record in the development of solutions applied to industry and advanced manufacturing. The participation in large-scale projects both at national and international level, such as the European ACROBA project for the development of a cognitive robotic platform driven by artificial intelligence, allows us to make the knowledge acquired in this field available to companies such as INFAIMON.

The current collaboration between Vicomtech and INFAIMON for the evolution of InPicker is the result of a long history of joint actions. On the one hand, INFAIMON, as a benchmark company in artificial vision solutions, has collaborated with Vicomtech on several occasions in complex feasibility tests of vision-based R&D projects for other companies through the transfer of equipment, as well as in advisory and support tasks for the optimal definition of commercial image acquisition systems. The joint commitment to the evolution of InPicker is a further step along this path and contributes to consolidating the relationship between the two entities.


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