Analysis of the feasibility of an intelligent system for the planning, provision and management of home help services, based on the monitoring of electricity consumption data


The monitoring of electricity consumption habits together with the use of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence can help the elderly to live fully and independently and provide peace of mind to their families and/or companies that provide home care services. In this way, older people are given the confidence to live at home for longer, without having to compromise their privacy or dignity, feeling safe in the knowledge that if they experience a health problem, help will always be at hand.
Within this social and technological context, MONITORIZATU seeks to simultaneously improve i) the care provided to users of home care services, ii) care processes and reduce the workload of auxiliaries, and iii) the economic sustainability of the service, specifically addressing the following situations:
● The aim is to detect early changes in behavior or habits that denote a worsening of the quality of life of users of care services. In this way, measurements can be taken more quickly and accurately.
● You want to detect anomalous events that give alarm of potentially dangerous situations, indications of other types of other types of behavior
●The aim is to increase the safety of users of healthcare services, thus improving their autonomy and quality of life.
● The aim is to increase the peace of mind and confidence of family members regarding the care their relatives receive in this type of care service.

The idea of ​​the project is to use a remote and non-invasive detection methodology to detect risk situations. This will make it possible to extend the service to broader sections of the population, in correspondence with the growth in life expectancy, and with the number of caregivers remaining essentially stable.
The methodology will operate with the support of innovative tools, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, which are capable of early detection of changes in the usual patterns of consumption (particularly electricity) in the homes of users of the service. These changes in consumption patterns will be used for early detection of care needs and intervention by the care team.

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