Integral system for digitalisation and supervision of processes in large infrastructures for flow control and intelligent traceability of STOCK



01.05.2020 - 31.12.2022


Visual Analytics

The logistics strategy of large infrastructures, i.e. those entities with large areas of activity, large storage areas, high quantities of materials, as well as high flows of people and vehicles circulating through their facilities, is being transformed, based on the digitisation of processes.

Its main challenge is the correct definition of the process itself, its scope and the interconnections it may have with other systems, as well as its supervision, facilitating decision-making.

For this reason, the TRAZASTOCK project aims to implement an integral system that allows the control of flows and traceability in an intelligent way and the digitalisation of processes in large warehouses and infrastructures, allowing the coverage and management of the entire process chain, monitoring the indicators of each one of them and managing times, alarms and actions (support mechanisms for decision-making).

This control and traceability will be carried out in 4 areas, 3 Main Application Blocks and an auxiliary block:

VEHICLE TRACEABILITY: Comprises all the tasks and processes involved in the traceability of vehicles from the moment they enter the controlled infrastructures until they leave them.

TRACEABILITY OF GOODS - STOCK CONTROL: Comprises all management related to the traceability of the goods themselves and the stock stored. It consists of the continuous and real control of the goods that are moved and stored in this type of large infrastructures.

OPTIMISATION OF INTERNAL MANAGEMENT: This includes the management platform itself developed within the framework of the TRAZASTOCK project. Through it, each of the processes defined in the two previous blocks will be supervised, and it will be checked that the indicators associated with each of them (times, permits, duration, etc.), whose monitoring and control will be carried out through innovative control panels, correspond to the planned protocols.

Each of these large application blocks will be broken down into the various specific processes and will be analysed and validated in the pilots, through the scenarios defined for validation and provided by the consortium members themselves.

Vicomtech's role within the Trazastock project will focus on the application of Artificial Vision technologies, which together with the most advanced Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence techniques will allow the reconstruction and volumetric calculation of stored materials from the visual data extracted by means of specific sensors.

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