Precision medicine platform at the capv. Implementation and applications to the study of metabolic alterations in covid-19 and metabolic syndrome.


Aim of the project:

The collaborative project Precision medicine platform in the capv. Implementation and applications to the study of metabolic alterations in COVID-19 and metabolic syndrome - BG21 PPCC is part of the strategic action that CIC Biogune (leader), BIOEF, BIOCRUCES BIZKAIA, MU-EPS, AZTI, TECNALIA, TEKNIKER, VICOMTECH and FBB carry out in precision medicine and its main objective is the: creation of database-based applications for the study of metabolic alterations associated with covid19 and metabolic syndrome as well as the implementation of an electronic cryomicroscopy platform.


The technological advance provided by the integral omics analysis platforms (metabolomics, proteomics, fluxomics, microbiotics and genomics) obtained during the execution of the previous bG19 project, puts the consortium in a position to design applications aimed at obtaining tangible results in the analysis of high impact diseases, such as COVID-19 and Metabolic Syndrome.

Furthermore, data integration will help to identify cellular alterations that can be treated with highly active precision therapeutics with limited toxicity.  This will provide a personalised view of the physiology and possible evolution of biological variables, providing a medical tool for prevention or tailored therapeutic treatment. The bG21 PPCC will complete the data collection and processing platform and develop a number of direct applications of the data collected to date in the metabolomics field for use in predictive medicine. The accumulation of phenotypic data, environmental and lifestyle factors from healthy, and perhaps diseased, individuals has provided a full understanding of how the disease will manifest itself and how it will respond to treatment. The bG21 PPCC project aims to enable large-scale phenotyping analysis on a very broad base of individuals (light phenotyping), and at the niche level for smaller, more specific groups (deep phenotyping). In particular, it will provide applications and tools for more effective decision making when stratifying patients or individuals on the metabolic risk they may suffer in the future in the context of prevalent diseases such as COVID-19 and/or Metabolic Syndrome.

Role of Vicomtech and technologies used

Vicomtech has been responsible for the development of lifestyle and activity capture technology through the use of mobile applications and wearable devices. Within this context, Vicomtech has researched and implemented behavioural change strategies to maximise adherence to lifestyle reporting by participants in longitudinal follow-up cohorts as an additional data source for developing precision medicine strategies.

Vicomtech has also been responsible for researching, implementing and comparing different synthetic data generation strategies for balancing and augmenting metabolic profiling data to try to increase the statistical power of studies / improve the performance of machine learning models trained on the augmented data.

Call for proposals:

COMPLEMENTARY ELKARTEK. PPCC - Collaborative Fundamental Research Projects in the framework of the COMPLEMENTARY R&D&I PLANS included in the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the Recovery, Transformation, Resilience Plan supported through the Next Generation EU Funds.

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