Progress on Research of Operation and Maintenance In Solar Photovoltaic Energy


Aim of the project

The main objective of the project has been to develop technologies to support renewable energy production. The PROMISE project proposal proposes the research and development of technology and knowledge in 3 different activities, which will undoubtedly result in a new concept of photovoltaic plant, which will integrate the concepts of operation and maintenance from the very design of its components. The first activity focuses on the analysis of degradation and loss processes in new technologies of photovoltaic modules; the second on the sensory and advanced instrumentation for the field measurement of photovoltaic systems; and the last, focuses on digital tools for the Detection and Diagnosis of Inefficiencies and Abnormality Conditions in photovoltaic plants. 

Role of Vicomtech

Applied research. Vicomtech has developed vision systems capable of detecting and characterizing micro-breaks in photovoltaic board images.

Technologies used

Methods for the detection of micro-failures in images of photovoltaic boards Deep learning. 

Sector of application

The project will be implemented in photovoltaic panels production plants

Project partners

  • Technalia 
  • Tekniker
  • UPV-ISG 


Basque Government

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