Robotic automatic crease inspection system


Robotic automatic crease inspection system

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EyeCrease is a robotic automatic inspection system for clearances oriented to the packaging sector, since the formation of creases is a critical point in the manufacturing process of cardboard cases, since the folding of the cardboard is totally dependent on them. Currently, the inspection is mainly done visually and manually by an operator, there are semi-manual solutions in which the operator has to move a laser device to the point he wants to verify. To achieve complete automation, offering a faster and more objective inspection, Vicomtech, in collaboration with the company Igamo, has created the EyeCrease system, which automatically moves a scanner along all the creases of the cardboard sheet by using A Cartesian robot Each of the clefts are digitized to subsequently process their profiles, extracting measurements using computational geometry techniques in search of anomalies in their shape. EyeCrease also incorporates management functionality, since in addition to detecting faulty creases, it allows you to keep track of the inspected works, offering evolution records to detect failures or deviations in the die cutter settings prematurely. Likewise, Eyecrease also has the ability to inspect the braille patterns that a cardboard sheet has. EyeCrease scans the braille pattern and verifies that the braille points have the form required by regulations, ensuring that they can be recognized by the end users.

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