Transversal platform for diagnosis, prevention and personalized control of gestational diabetes.


The main objective of the DMG360 project is the design and development of a transversal platform capable of early predicting the risk of suffering from DMG, as well as preventing and controlling the disease in a personalized way. The R&D lines group the areas of early detection through genomics and lipidomics and prevention and control through computer technologies and nutrition.

Technological challenges:

Identification and selection of genetic variants associated with DMG.
Determination of the membrane lipid profile in a population at risk of developing DMG as well as the sick population.
Design of personalized diets through specific recommendations of foods and supplements.
Development of food and supplements for prevention and non-pharmacological intervention.
Software for early detection: algorithms that provide a quantitative measure of the genetic predisposition of developing DMG.
Mobile application for prevention and control through feeding and wearable design for monitoring nutrition and sport activities.
Achieve technological convergence, through a joint work of the
scientists and technologists experts in the different disciplines that participate in the

DMG360 project. The collaboration proposed will allow reaching solutions that

in isolation they cannot be resolved, and establish an active network of collaboration with

a high degree of complementarity.

Use the results of the research addressed in this project to
address new R&D projects in areas related to the business scope of


Vicomtech role:

Vicomtech's role is to collaborate in the development of the digital platform for early detection, monitoring and prevention of gestational diabetes, as an entity of the RVCTI subcontracted by InitHealth. More specifically, it supports the development of the following subtasks:

Development of new and innovative technology-based tools, for the help of personalized early detection, assessment and monitoring of diseases and non-pharmacological intervention.
Monitoring of activities related to health and sport through a multiformat device and multi-activity of low cost (wearable) synchronized by mobile.
The results that will be achieved will be the following:

Development of a DMG prevention platform capable of early predicting the risk of disease, as well as its prevention and control in a personalized way
HT-Q-PCR product for the prognosis and prevention of DMG that will allow the simultaneous analysis of dozens of genetic variants in hundreds of patient samples, with great sensitivity, specificity, precision and reproducibility and that above all will avoid complications in previous phases or Early pregnancy.
Mobile application for prevention and control and personalized gestational diabetes.
Wearables for the monitoring of activities related to health and sport through a multiformat device and multi-activity of low cost synchronized through the mobile


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