Digital twin of a turning machine and measuring system automation for efficient and sustainable production

Gurutzpe and Sariki

Through the use of 3D scanning by laser triangulation and Vicomtech's Geomlib library, a digital prototype of a turning machine has been developed that improves the quality and precision of the produced parts and significantly optimizes the manufacturing process.

Digital twin of a turning machine and measuring system automation for efficient and sustainable production


Computer Vision

The Challenge

Gurutzpe, part of the INZU group, is a leading company in the machine tool industry and is specialized in providing turning solutions for large parts in the metal sector. Gurutzpe faces a challenge related to the forging process, which is based on molding a material until the desired shape of the piece is achieved. Nowadays, this process is carried out manually by operators, often making subjective decisions, based on their own criteria and experience regarding the measurement, evaluation and alignment of parts. Consequently, the final geometry of the part is not always perfect. These types of production systems require precise alignment at the beginning of the process on the lathe to ensure perfection of the finished parts.

This project seeks to integrate an automated measurement and data analysis process within the machine that provides alignment and production optimization, achieving a precise diameter in the pieces obtained.

The Proposed Solution

To address this challenge, the implementation of a 3D digitizing system through laser triangulation mounted on the lathe tool carriage itself has been proposed. The system incorporates sensors, which allow obtaining a three-dimensional reconstruction of the blank parts, facilitating the calculation of the optimal displacement necessary to minimize material waste during machining. Furthermore, using Vicomtech's Geomlib library, a digital twin has been developed, that is, a digital prototype of the machine, which simulates the operation of the real machine. This digital prototype of the turning machine allows the improvement of the quality and precision of the parts produced and significantly optimizes the efficient start-up as well as the manufacturing process as a whole.

The Result

The collaboration between Gurutzpe, Vicomtech and Sariki has resulted in an innovative solution that integrates cutting-edge technology into the production process. Thanks to the laser triangulation system and the digital twin, it has been possible to automate the measurement and alignment process, improving production efficiency and precision. This project, in addition to meeting the client's expectations, has also laid the foundations for future applications in the machine tool industry, demonstrating the value of collaboration between companies and the support of initiatives such as the Basque Industry program financed by the Basque Government via SPRI.

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