DISTRA, Artificial Intelligence tool to predict future diseases based on current pathology

Asunción Klinika

Tool that displays predictive health trajectories and facilitates healthcare professionals to easily identify potential risks of patients' diseases through Artificial Intelligence.

DISTRA, Artificial Intelligence tool to predict future diseases based on current pathology

The Challenge

The challenge faced by Vicomtech's team, in collaboration with the Asunción Klinika hospital and Datua, lies in creating a tool that is capable of designing trajectories with artificial intelligence to identify risk patterns or possible future diseases based on the current pathology of patients. Precision medicine requires a solution that can analyse large sets of clinical data efficiently and accurately. 

The Proposed Solution

To address this challenge, the team provided mathematical expertise and advanced data mining and artificial intelligence techniques, reflecting anonymised data from more than 70,000 patients in the Tolosaldea area. In addition, a system has been developed to display information using graphics and statistical analysis in order to understand how different trajectories affect the group selected for the study. The graphical visualisation summarises the patient data in several graphs with the intention that the clinician can analyse the cohort, i.e. the group that is part of the study and is observed for the duration of the study, order solutions according to the impact that the displayed results may have on the diseases and interact with the graph.

The Result

The result of this project was the creation of a tool that has the potential to transform medical care. DISTRA is an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to identify risk patterns and predict future diseases based on each patient's current pathology. This technology facilitates the proactive identification of potential disease risks, leading to more effective preventive care. The electronic records database of the Asunción Klinika hospital has provided a large dataset to the project, which has been necessary to train and validate the predictive algorithms of DISTRA. In addition, several comprehensive data records as well as the hospital's medical history have been accessed to help healthcare professionals make more informed decisions and improve patients' quality of life in the long term.

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