One more year Vicomtech participates together with companies at the BIEMH2024 Machine Tool Biennial held in Bilbao


As in previous editions, Vicomtech has participated in the BIEMH24 held at the BEC in Bilbao, together with some companies

Specifically, it has participated together with Sariki Metrology at the Unceta Group stand, with the deployment of a system that represents a flexible and contactless metrological inspection cell. This cell is composed of a 6 degrees of freedom anthropomorphic robot, a Trackscan laser 3D scanning unit and a mobile robot with automatic navigation. The assembly is operated and governed by Sariki's SK Inspect software, based on Vicomtech's Geomlib geometric processing module.

The system provides great production flexibility thanks to the fact that the mobile robot can transport different types of parts to the inspection cell, from any part of the plant as an integral part of the production process. Both the mobile robot and the anthropomorphic robot collaborate jointly and synchronized to carry out the reconstruction and subsequent measurement of the part in a completely automatic way.

On the other hand, together with the company Herrekor and its spin-off Kentu dedicated to IoT for the connectivity and monitoring of processes and products, the VEITU optical monitoring solution adapted to industrial process systems has been presented. It consists of a non-invasive optical system that gives rise to an embedded and autonomous solution in the control and verification of the blade cutting process itself that, through image processing techniques, continuously identifies whether the material is being cut appropriately. If this is not the case, the solution generates a warning to stop production so that this rapid action in the event of a cutting failure translates into an optimization of both material and energy resources, avoiding the waste of unnecessary material. and minimizing the production time of defective material. Link to video

At Vicomtech we research and develop advanced technological solutions and apply them to the processes and products of companies to improve their competitiveness. Our commitment is therefore to support the fabric of our environment through tangible and applicable results, as we have demonstrated in the recently completed edition of BIEMH2024.


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