ACTHYV: Asisted Clinical Trial Hypothesis Validator



Until the beginning of the 21st century, large pharmaceutical companies carried out all phases of new drug development. Due to increased market pressure, smaller bio-health companies in drug development have increased both the clinical trials needed and the requirements for legal validation. Therefore, these companies currently developing drugs face additional difficulties. In addition, clinical trials are often more resource-intensive and time-consuming than many small companies can afford. 


Aim of the project

This is where the ACTHYV project comes in, whose main objective is to develop a digital platform based on Artificial Intelligence, which through the automation of Machine Learning algorithms and Big Data techniques, allows the optimisation of the time and cost for the collection, analysis and generation of results from the data collected within a clinical trial, in order to optimise the time and cost of the process.

This platform will enable start-ups or small companies to carry out clinical trials without the higher cost that these usually entail. In other words, it will make it easier for these companies to conduct a clinical trial in an appropriate manner. In addition, it will have AI modules that will notify additional information to the person in charge of these trials so that they can make decisions as soon as possible.


Project partners and technologies used

The project is led by the organisation UBIKARE, with which Vicomtech is working jointly on its development. Machine Learning, Data Intelligence or Computer Vision are some of the technologies provided by Vicomtech throughout the project. 



The project is funded by the Basque Government within the framework of the Hazitek programme.



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