Big Data Methodologies and Tools for the integration, preparation and exploitation of clinical and epidemiological data from COVID19



27.04.2020 - 03.08.2020

The OSAC project is framed in the health context, but aims to establish a bridge with the socioeconomic context, whose recovery is addressed directly from the RAPID project, presented by this same consortium.

Both projects make use of the same technologies in the field of digitization with particular scenarios and needs in each case, so they were presented as separate initiatives. RAPID has focused on economic recovery aspects and OSAC on health aspects.

The main purpose behind this proposal is the extraction of knowledge through epidemiological data obtained from COVID19 monitoring. Specifically, different objectives were pursued, reflected in the phases and tasks developed later in this document. These objectives consisted of developing useful tools at different levels that would allow not only to have a massive analysis of real data (Real World Data) using basic statistical techniques and Big Data architectures, oriented to examine the pandemic situation in each case, but also to provide new specific tools in each area (economic development and health) that would allow to have a temporal and spatial vision of it. 

The project focused on developing new epidemiological methodologies and tools for analysis and decision-making during the COVID19 pandemic. To this end, as mentioned above, work was carried out at several specific Big Data levels, including: data collection, data quality analysis, the (secure and interoperable) data integration platform and the development of data visualization and exploration tools to support decision making. 

Vicomtech's role has focused on the identification and description of relevant data sources and processes and the development of data visualization, exploration and exploitation tools for epidemiological surveillance and pandemic monitoring needs.

The OSAC project has been developed by the consortium formed by VICOMTECH, IKERLAN and TECNALIA.

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