Enabling Technologies (KET) for Efficient Worker-to-Worker Cooperation (lanGILE) and Intelligent Systems in the Factory of the Future



03.05.2021 - 31.12.2022

COGILE's ultimate goal is research and technological development to adapt intelligent industrial systems to the operator, his physical capabilities, his sensory-motor needs and his cognitive skills so that he can develop his work using everything that technology provides to the maximum. Special emphasis will be placed on the human factor as a differentiating vector in the factory of the future and as a support for the 4.0 worker in all phases of his working life. 
The main challenges will be focused on research into new multimodal communication channels between the two, but also on the development of cognitive perception mechanisms based on machine learning, so that the intelligent system is aware of the status of its human partner. Additionally, for this collaboration to be effective, people's trust in the intelligent system is fundamental. Trust will be based on factors such as i) the adaptation of the behavior of the intelligent system to the state of the operators, ii) the reliability in the proper functioning of the intelligent system and iii) the transparency and clarity of communications between the two.

Vicomtech will carry out the conceptualization and modeling of digital twins that will be used for training in virtual environments; and will collaborate in the application of natural language technologies for the development of tools that facilitate the capture of unstructured knowledge.

Project partners: Tecnalia (leader), Tekniker, MU-EPS, Vicomtech and Elhuyar.

COGILE. Elkartek file number: KK-2021/00016

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