Language and Voice Technologies

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Our technology enables niche and high-value solutions via analysis and processing of text and audio.

Language and Voice Technologies

Vicomtech has its own proprietary software, computational infrastructure and a team highly specialised in the development of solutions:

  • Machine translation systems in both general and specific domains
  • Real-time transcription systems (e.g., generation of subtitles in audiovisual production, generation of video minutes, etc.)
  • Development of personalised conversation systems or Chatbots
  • Solutions for the processing of natural language: detection of opinions, trends, conversational analysis, analysis of non-structured texts, generation of machine reporting, etc.

You can know more about our speech and language technology solutions here:

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Vicomtech participates in Tecnosec to showcase its capabilities in Artificial Intelligence applied to Security

TECNOSEC is the exhibition that has gathered the main agents of the Security and Intelligence sector during the 11th and 12th of May in the Pabellón de Cristal in Madrid.


Nerea and Mikel, the synthetic voices generated from Vicomtech with Artificial Intelligence for Eusko Jaurlaritza - Basque Government

The Basque Government presented last December 3rd the synthetic voice of Nerea during the commemorative event of the International Day of the Basque Language.


EKIN, a natural language voice solution for industrial maintenance

Within the framework of the Ekin Project, coordinated by Vicomtech, professors and students of the IMH Campus of Advanced and Digital Manufacturing meet to evaluate a set of problems/situations related to the maintenance of robots through interaction solutions in natural language by voice .


Institutional visit to the Vicomtech headquarters to learn about the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in language

The meeting was led by the Vice Councelor of Technology, Innovation and Transformation, Estíbaliz Hernáez


Genius, non-native speaking oral evaluation

A set of tools are being developed to allow educational centers to automate their oral assessment processes thanks to the incorporation of speech technologies


Companies and Administrations present use cases of Artificial Intelligence and Language Technologies developed by Vicomtech

The conference organised with the support of Bilbao Ekintza is the first of a series of 7 events related to the application of Artificial Intelligence solutions aimed at companies from different sectors, to bring Vicomtech's capabilities closer to companies in the area and to learn about their technology and digitization needs.

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