Meaningful Integration of Data, Analytics and Services



01.11.2016 - 29.02.2020


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Health systems currently have enormous amounts of heterogeneous valuable health information with several people keeping that information, without consistent methodologies for managing the authorization or secondary use of such information. Governments are collecting and providing non-personal information (open-data), while European citizens also collect valuable sources through mobile devices and social networks. These sources of information are currently stored in heterogeneous locations, using very different standards and without clear access directives. Legislators and guardians of this information do not have the ability to map and use these sources, unable to use this information to support their decisions.

MIDAS (Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services) aims to support the needs of European lawmakers and citizens through the deployment of a unified big data platform. This platform will acquire, map, manage, process and exploit heterogeneous data in the field of health care, other government areas as well as open data, to provide legislators with information that allows for evidence-based decisions. As a result, this platform will provide more accurate information to support decision making, generating a positive impact in the line of considering health in all policies.

All this will be done in compliance with the highest levels of data protection and ethics. For this, the project has a legislative council, which has public / private data custodians, legislators and representatives of health systems.

Vicomtech is the leader of the WP3 – Architecture and Data Sources, whose main goal is to identify relevant datasets and prepare and load these datasets in the MIDAS platform. To achieve this, Vicomtech has developed a data preparation tool called GYDRA (Get Your Data Ready for Analysis!) which allows the user to explore large datasets, preprocess them and automatically deploy these datasets to the analytics platform.     

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