Natural Speech and Text Analytics


NALYTICS is an R&D project developed within the framework of the support program for the Competitive HAZITEK Business R&D of the Basque Government during the period 2017-2019 and is led by the company Natural Vox SAU, provider of reference solutions for the management and automation of processes related to Customer Service, from Call Centers to commercial radio and television campaigns.

This project is focused on the theme of Speech and Text Analytics, its main objective being the development of a comprehensive platform for the management and analytics of all types of data (spoken conversations, opinions, texts, etc.) related to the scope of a call center.

NALYTICS addresses several technological challenges in different lines of speech and natural language processing, such as the processing and standardization of raw voice and text data, speech recognition of telephone conversations, speaker segmentation, classification of conversations by subject, Polarity detection or recognition of the user's mood through his voice. In addition, the platform allows this analysis in real-time scenarios or previously generated content.

Vicomtech is the main and only technological agent in the research and implementation of all modules responsible for the processing and analysis of voice and text data, being also the developer of the platform that can be deployed in any Interactive Voice Response center that requires of a Speech and Text Analytics solution

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