Temperature monitoring platform of a refinery furnace based on Artificial Intelligence


Aim of the project

The main aim of the project is to develop a platform for monitoring the temperature of a refinery furnace by integrating thermography and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. On the one hand, it was taken into account that the temperatures of a refinery furnace are often very high and therefore the use of conventional temperature measurement methods such as the use of physical sensors was not trivial. Furthermore, it was not enough to have a single temperature measuring point; a refinery furnace includes a number of elements for the generation and management of energy and heat.  Knowing its status and constantly monitoring it is crucial, as is the case, for example, with a set of vertical tubes, whose temperature monitoring is essential. And this has been done with the FOURNOS project: to integrate thermography with AI allowing to reliably estimate the temperature of any furnace point, including any point on the heating pipes, which makes it easier to anticipate problems related to plugging or micro-breaking in the pipes.

Role of Vicomtech

Vicomtech has been responsible for developing a 3D model of the furnace based on AI and the monitoring platform based on the management and control of thermal cameras.

Technologies used

Thermography, AI, Python, Vue.js, Docker. 

Sector of application

A 3D model of the refinery furnace has been developed using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and software for the management and control of thermal cameras and thermal images captured by the cameras for processing using a back developed in Python and a front front developed in Vue.js, all deployed on a Linux server via Docker.

Project partners

Petronor, Petronor Innovation, Vicomtech.

Funding of the project

Basque Government, Basque Industry project.

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