VITALISE-Virtual health and wellbeing living lab infrastructure


Aim of the Project

VITALISE aims to harmonize Living Lab procedures and open Living Lab Infrastructures as a means to facilitate and promote research activities in the Health and Wellbeing domain in Europe and beyond. Transnational access to 17 Living Lab research infrastructures and remote digital access to datasets (Virtual Access) will be offered to external researchers from all disciplines through three open calls starting from next year.

External researchers will have the opportunity to conduct part of their study in rehabilitation, transitional care and everyday life activities or any other domain by visiting the VITALISE living labs. VITALISE will design and develop ICT tools for shared access of similar devices and applications used across Living Labs, as well as for collecting, storing and sharing datasets. VITALISE will also invest in the development of Training methods towards the wider understanding and valorisation of Living Lab methodologies in the research community.

Role of Vicomtech and Technologies used

Vicomtech is the technical coordinator of the project. In addition, the Center is leading the work package regarding the LL Research infrastructure (ICT) tools which includes the service architecture definition and integration, the LL infrastructure API and core communications modules, the anonymisation and synthetic data generation toolkit, the Certified Node – Dataset curation and algorithm development and managing the Vitalise SDKs generation, among other tasks.

Sector of application

By bringing together three networks, ENoLL, Forum LLSA, and EIT Health Living Labs, VITALISE interconnects the majority of Living Labs across Europe to cover all European geographical areas and all the spectrum of the Health and Wellbeing domain.

Project partners

Coordinated by ENoLL, the VITALISE consortium consists of 19 partners from 11 countries, with excellent experience in all the tasks defined for VITALISE. In particular, the partners provide the project with scientific (AUTH, LAUREA, LICALAB, VICOMTECH, CERTH, AIT, UPM, TUE, McGill, UDEM), technical (AUTH, VICOMTECH, CERTH, UPM, WITA, VILABS), policy making (ENoLL, LAUREA, UPM, LLSA, TUE), Living Labs methodologies (ENoLL, AUTH, LAUREA, INTRAS, TREBAG, GAIA, AIT, UPM, LLSA, TUE, McGill, UDEM), innovation and exploitation (SIT, VILABS, AV) experience.

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