Solution to measure complex surfaces in industrial plants


Solution to measure complex surfaces in industrial plants


Computer Vision

The Challenge

In a tremendously competitive business context, the capacity to take decisions efficiently and with the least exposure to risk is key to success. In order to achieve this, it is essential to have the largest possible amount of valuable information and to be able to process it efficiently in real time. Therefore, the challenge resides in achieving automation and monitoring of the production processes. 

Vicomtech’s work in this project responds to two main technological challenges: 

On the one hand, reducing measurement time, which up till now has been carried out manually in two phases, firstly by an expert in a metrology laboratory, and then by the plant operatives by means of manual calibres. 

Being able to do it in the plant itself, without having to go to a laboratory

The Proposed Solution

We have installed a scanning kit and the software developed for the SK/inspect project which processes 3D point clouds which can capture up to in excess of 3 million points for each object analysed. This software covers all the phases of the measurement process, from the definition of the process, carrying out of measurements, and visualisation of the results through an interactive 3D visor.

The Result

Interaction with the operator has been simplified, in such a way that they can use the measurement equipment without metrology knowledge
The process has been automated as much as possible
Remote control tools have been provided, ensuring that the control plan is executed correctly. 

Thanks to this project we have improved productivity by 4% and there has been a reduction in scrap of more than 20%.

Jorge Palomar

VS Manager GKN Driveline Legazpi

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