Creating Trust in the Industrial Digital Transformation


Creating Trust in the Industrial Digital Transformation


01.07.2020 - 31.12.2021

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The TRUSTIND Project was created with the aim of developing the knowledge base in Industrial Cybersecurity, initiated with the Elkartek SEKUTEK project, continued with CYBERPREST and SENDAI, developing technology that allows industry and industrial products to become resilient to cyber-attacks throughout their life cycle, as well as boosting the development of the Basque Cybersecurity Industry. The technology developed in the project will be demonstrable in use cases of the Cybersecurity Node of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH). TRUSTIND is aligned with the strategy of the Basque Cybersecurity Center (BCSC), boosting the Industrial Cybersecurity knowledge hub of the Basque Country, placing value in the context of the Basque Country and internationally on the technology to be developed, which will be tested on existing laboratories.

TRUSTIND will research into "Industrial Resilience Management", "Industrial Digital Identity", "Industrial Data Security", "Audit & Forensic Analysis" and "Secure Systems Life Cycle Development" technologies that enable the reinforcement of Security and Privacy from the design and by default, throughout the supply chain, in an assessable and verifiable way, facilitating the maintenance of post-sales cybersecurity by the manufacturer. The proof of concept and its visualisation will be carried out in the BDIH laboratories.

Vicomtech's work focuses, on the one hand, on creating a decentralised identity system, this decentralised identity tries to identify the behaviours of the different entities in an industry, such as the different devices (obtaining signatures of their behaviour) and the operators of the industrial system (by applying specific biometrics for the industrial environment) and storing the behaviours in a DLT.

On the other hand, Vicomtech is also working on the research of secure mechanisms for the handling of industrial network data. In this line, Vicomtech analyses data aggregation methods that offer privacy and the detection and prevention of information leakage in industrial environments.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the work Vicomtech is doing to improve the security status of industrial networks. To this end, the Trustind project is investigating the monitoring of industrial networks in real time, the dynamic estimation of industrial risks and, with the intention of mitigating the different attacks detected, the application of adaptive countermeasures in industrial systems.

This research project brings together the nine cybersecurity research agents in the Basque Country: TECNALIA (leader), IKERLAN, VICOMTECH, BCAM, CEIT, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, TECNUN, UPV/EHU and the University of Deusto. The nine entities have previously collaborated in the field of Industrial Cybersecurity ELKARTEK as SENDAI. This team will make it possible to have the appropriate critical research mass to tackle the project with guarantees of success, fostering synergies between the researchers of the different agents, in order to achieve a relevant research positioning in this area within a time horizon of 3 to 5 years.

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