Development and validation of a registration system for robotic-assisted surgery



01.06.2015 - 31.12.2018


Computer Graphics

The main goal of the MAXILARIS project is the development of a set of technologies to enable robotic assistance in osseous reconstruction surgeries.

On one hand, MAXILARIS proposes the development of taylor-made prostheses on the patients  osseous structure by means of CAD/CAM technologies from data obtained by Computerised Axial Tomography imaging. Currently, this technology is not fully developed -despite its enormous potential-, so the consortium proposes the development of a system capable of automating manual and repetitive tasks. In this way, a robust and competitive fabrication system is expected, capable of producing personalised prostheses with high added value.

On the other hand, MAXILARIS proposes the deployment of a collaborative robotic system capable of guiding the surgeon and helping with the implants placements, avoiding all possible damage to surrounding blood vessels and nerves. To make this possible, the development of a navigatorcapable of tracking the surgical tools and prostheses -in an analogous way with a GPS- , locating them on precise positions with respect to the patient s anatomy. The connection between this navigation system and the robot -through the registration software- constitutes one of the main key technological results of this project.

The MAXILARIS project has been planned with a duration of 33 months and has been financed through the Collaboration Challenges 2016 call, within the State R+D+I Programme Oriented to the Societal Challenges of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

This program is funded by EU through the operational programme with the aim of "fostering quality technology development, innovation and research"



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