E-pilepsy - Virtual training tool for epilepsy neurosurgeons. Interventions planner of the future



01.07.2013 - 03.08.2017


Computer Vision

Virtual training for neurosurgeons.

The project consists in doing research, development and distribution of a platform within a private cloud that will provide the surgeons with new scenarios to help them during the training and planning tasks of epilepsy neurosurgical interventions, based on user-friendly technologies and interfaces.

This virtual surgery platform will allow the neurosurgeons to train and plan the surgical gestures of epilepsy interventions on real images of the patients.

- Sharing and visualisation of multimodal data (EHR, diagnostic samples and results, EEG, volumetric anatomic and functional medical images, etc.).
- Develop technologies to depict multimodal images (MRI, CT, NMR), usable in a virtual reality device, for a more precise surgical planning.
- Virtually render the epilepsy surgery to be performed, allowing for a neurosurgeon's training that provides him with a detailed understanding and consciousness of the morphological and functional specificities of the intervention.

- Bilbomatica has been present in the Information Technology World since 1988. It has been actively involved in innovation as the engine for economic, social, technological and organisational development. Within this context, Bilbomatica participates in R&D&i projects included in different reference frameworks at international, national, regional and local levels, consolidating its leading position in research and innovation programs.
- ERESA S.A. ERESA Grupo Médico is a company involved in image based diagnosis, radio therapeutic oncology and nuclear medicine. From the beginning, ERESA has had as an objective to include the most modern techniques, generalise their use and thus contribute to improving the assistance and quality delivered to the patient.
- Vicomtech is an applied research centre specialised in Computer Graphics, Visual Computing and Multimedia technologies, founded in 2001 and based at San Sebastian Technology Park. It is part of two strategic alliances: IK4 a local alliance which regroups 9 leading-edge Basque technology centres; GraphicsMedia.net, a network of international applied research centres working in computer graphics and multimedia technologies.
- The Institute for Health Research La Fe (IIS La Fe) is a non-profit organisation that manages the scientific policy and the research of La Fe Hospital in Valencia and its area of influence. Its main objectives include promoting and fostering excellence in research, scientific and technological knowledge and their subsequent translation to the industrial sector, as well as teaching and training in the hospital and in primary care centres that are part of the public institutions. 

Funding: This project is funded by the "VII plan nacional de I+D+i, Acción Estratégica Económica y Sociedad Digital (AEESD)" of the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry under the code TSI-100101-2013-105.

More information: http://www.epilepsyvirtualsurgery.com/


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