coGnitive aUtomation foR secUrity


Cybersecurity companies have lost control of their information because of the enormous amount of data they have to handle and analyse, the knowledge required to evaluate it and the high effort required to analyse it. The aim of the GURU project is to give them back this control by improving their digital security.

The proposed approach is to increase the quality of information, using technology to filter out undesirable events, automate the processing of simpler cases or those requiring a faster response time, and provide the best decision support available. To this end, the work at GURU will allow the development of a solution based on 3 fundamental pillars: the detection and defence of attacks, the automation of responses and, finally, the interaction with the user to increase the explainability of the results.

Specifically, Vicomtech is collaborating in the development of six different solutions, each of them related to a different project partner. Vicomtech will leverage its technology and knowledge from previous collaborations to increase the impact of the solution. For the detection module, Vicomtech will rely on a proprietary library called B-Have for the anomaly detection task. On the other hand, reinforced learning technology will be used for the response model that will provide an automatic decision support system (recommendation), while the Adilib library implemented by Vicomtech, which is the result of many years of research in different branches of Artificial Intelligence, such as Natural Language Processing, Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems, will be used for the creation of the interaction model.

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