Hbb4all: Hybrid Broadcast Broadband for All



01.12.2013 - 22.02.2017


Digital Media

The project HBB4ALL addresses media accessibility possibilities in the new hybrid broadcast-broadband TV (HbbTV) environment. To turn the accessibility vision into reality, Hbb4All will address all relevant stakeholders and all components of the value chain.

One of the prominent challenges of the coming years will be the multi-platform delivery of audio-visual content (anytime, anywhere, any device), be it a broadcast or an Internet service. Hybrid delivery platforms such as connected TVs and two-screen solutions enable a cost-efficient and convenient delivery of access services for those who need them. The elderly and people with various disabilities rely on subtitles, audio description, dialogue enhancement or sign interpretation. Customizing to personal preferences shall be possible within predetermined limits.

The HBB4ALL project builds on HbbTV (from the existing versions 1.1.1 and 1.5 to the version 2.0 that is currently in development) as the major European standard for converged services and looks at both the production and service side. HbbTV provides a straight-forward specification on how to combine broadcast and broadband content plus interactive applications.

The project will test access services in various pilot implementations (from the definition to the operational phase) and gather implicit and explicit user feedback to assess the acceptance and the achievable quality of service in the various delivery scenarios.

HBB4ALL is elaborating pertinent guidelines, guides of good practice, metrics, and recommendations and will initiate campaigns to promote the project results. The results of HBB4ALL will be of worldwide relevance and will, through standardisation bodies such as the ITU, also be advertised on a world-wide level.

The overall objective of HBB4ALL is to become a major platform/player in the e Inclusion economy currently taking place, fostering the future market take-up while satisfying the diverse interests of all societal groups.

More info: http://www.hbb4all.eu/


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