Monitoring, traceability and response of cybersecurity service for industry 4.0


Monitoring, traceability and response of cybersecurity service for industry 4.0

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This project consists in exploring the way to protect the information systems of the cyber attacks industry, especially those systems used in Critical Infrastructures and Essential Services. In recent years the industry has evolved and has adopted the technologies developed in the ICT sector as a lever to increase its competitiveness. However, at the same time, the connection to cyberspace of industrial systems that have been operating for decades, with physically robust but never updated devices, exposes the industry to cyberattacks that were not possible in the past. For this reason, many current installations have not been designed with the necessary protections and are at high risk of being victims of a malicious attacker. Vicomtech brings in the project its experience and knowledge in two key activities: on the one hand in the detection of attacks through the application of machine learning to the analysis of the behavior of the information system, and on the other in the improvement of the visualization of the events produced in the system, so that an operator has more and better tools to assess the cybersecurity status of the control system and make the best decision at all times

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