New strategies for the development of instruments and products aimed at identifying and assessing the syndrome of frailty



01.04.2016 - 31.12.2016

The focus of the FRAILTEK project is the syndrome of frailty, a situation in which many factors converge and very prevalent in older people in whom the functional reserve and the ability to adapt are diminished. Regular precursor of the loss of autonomy and, therefore, prelude to dependence. Fragility, unlike dependency, is reversible. Therefore, the early identification of the subjects who suffer it, as well as its proper assessment, would allow to avoid or delay the appearance of dependence, thus improving the quality of life of these people and controlling the burden of social, family and health expenditure associated with the dependence.
 The identification and assessment procedure for fragile subjects constitutes a field of work of exponential growth in the field of research and innovation, both in services and in technologies. This project seeks methods of identification and innovative valuation that complement the usual ones and allow to systematize the identification of the fragility and incorporate it into the current assistance procedures.
The main objective of the FRAILTEK project is "to advance in the multidimensional characterization of frailty and in the elaboration of innovative strategies for its identification, developing transferable technological components to the Basque industry with which to support a new range of products and advanced services aimed at to the emerging sector of aging related to health".

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