Platform for convergence of Broadcast to Broadband streaming


CAST2BAND is a platform for the transformation of  Broadcast protocols and multimedia signals to Broadband Web formats for deployment in facilities of the industrial, hospital and hotel sector.

Encouraged by the trends in the smart manufacturing and audiovisual services market, where technological revolutions shorten its life cycle supported by Internet technologies and infrastructure CAST2BAND is a hardware and software product for receiving audio and video signals received by Broadcast infrastructures, for its subsequent offer and distribution by Broadband technologies.

The platform focuses on the following uses:

Responsible for production processes, managers and maintenance personnel that require permanent access to certain monitoring and surveillance flows, to remotely detect and diagnose situations that require correction.
Hospitals, hoteliers and farms that have guests or patients who are provided with services to consume content from traditional Broadcast channels, but from their own mobile devices through the building's Wi-Fi infrastructure.
The CAST2BAND solution addresses great innovations that provide a differentiating character and provide extra value:

Automatic and universal adaptation of the contents and their formats, to the signal standards accepted by the linked devices.
Adaptability to varying connectivity and mobility conditions.
Apply encryption of multimedia streams and manage DRM mechanisms.
Vicomtech's role in the project consists of the contribution of knowledge and SDKs for the discovery and analysis of streaming protocols and format conversion, as well as the use of hardware acceleration in GPU in new generation codecs.


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