Platform for generating and displaying weather forecasts



01.07.2011 - 31.12.2013

The main objective of microMETEO is to provide a service for weather forecasting in short-term, micro and/or mesoscale according to the needs of users (administrations, sports sites, power generating plants, areas of beach, ....), and using computer platforms. This service aims to reach those users who do not receive direct information from established meteorological organisations.

The users could interpret the information easily thanks to the graphic visualisation of the products and could be accessed via websites or mobile devices.

The main motivation is the economic impact that meteorological issues have when organising and planning events, especially in those that take place outdoors.

The platform gathers weather information from different information networks in order to generate forecasts as well as personalised services that meet the needs of each user.

The framework integrates algorithms and mathematical models to analyse this information and generate products that can be represented in any website or mobile device.


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