Platform of surgery simulation



16.01.2015 - 25.05.2018

This Project addresses the development of a new low cost platform that physically simulates the abdomen and a set of software tools of advanced multimedia and 3D visualization and of content generation, focused on the self-learning in laparoscopic surgery. The project aims to standardize the learning process by structured training programmes and accessible and low cost tools, beyond the sophisticated and expensive laparoscopic surgery simulators that nowadays are just accessible for few professionals.

The platform is focused on two main use cases. The first use case will be the transfer by video streaming of a surgery simulation done by an expert to a standard mobile device (typically a Tablet). The students and residents will be able to follow the surgery in real time. For real time communication the appropriate channels will be deployed in the platform .The second use case is directly related to the student’s or resident’s training. Through the main mobile device and using virtual and augmented reality techniques the steps to follow by the student or resident will be superimposed. The tracking unit by vision techniques will be deployed in the mobile device that will monitor the simulation done by the student and will assess his/her progress.

Technological challenges of the Project:

  • Advanced tracking system
  • Augmented reality system without indicators
  • Advanced multimedia system
  • Existing platforms integration
  • Realistic platform

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