The aim of the SAILOR (Smart lAst mILe cOmmeRce) project is the implementation of an open tool, aimed at services, allowing dynamic interaction between last mile distribution companies and end clients. Therefore, it offers a tool for decision making in last mile logistics.

Vicomtech’s role has been that of designing and implementing the algorithms for the smart calculation of delivery routes in real time, paying attention to the users’ own restrictions, as well as those of delivery workers and routes.

The technological challenge lies in the redirection in real time of messenger packages, because it works with dynamic delivery addresses which can vary according to the demand and availability of the end users to collect the packages. Within the SAILOR system, the delivery of packages to smart automatic cabinets is covered. These are used as delivery points when the addressee is not at the specified address.

As a result of the project, an integral last mile logistics management system has been obtained, facilitating and optimising the management system of deliveries as well as parcel deliveries. Meanwhile, it means a reduction in emissions due to the reduction of journeys arising from absences at the destination. This video shows the tests carried out at the ASM transport company at the end of the project.

The consortium is made up of Intelligent Delivery, ITS Dalarna, University of Amsterdam, TeleConsult Austria, Technolution and Vicomtech.

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