Scale@rn - Person Centered Adaptative and Scalable Learning Contents



01.06.2009 - 31.12.2011

Scale@rn - Person Centered Adaptative and Scalable Learning Contents 
The SCALeN project has as objective the intelligent development and management of Adaptive, Scalable, Customised and Training Solutions to the requirements and features of each user. In order to achieve it, an Educative Metaplatform will be designed, deployed and validated, focused on customed learning, with this objectives:

  • Advanced training: Enrich the teaching, through intelligent evaluation systems, auto adaptation and customisation of training contents related to teaching, user requirements and particular features. This customisation is carried out through advanced techniques of user modelling and user profile and features achieving.
  • Efficient and intelligent management of training components (contents, contexts, resources) based on semantic annotation techniques and education modelling languages. Moreover, versatility and scalability, being a complete set of Learning Objects which can be dynamically managed for the customised learning environment and context building taking into account the learning process and the style of each user. 
  • Efficient and intelligent training component (contents, contexts, resources) management
  • Interoperability, with Learning Management Systems, allowing the reuse and interaction with complete education systems (knowledge and functionality).
  • Open and extensible tool character, allowing dynamic insertion, reuse and management of Learning Objects, located in several digital repositories, in addition to the distributed character, being able to locate System components in multiple locations of Internet.
  • High functionality, usability and Universal Accessibility of the training solutions and contents for everybody (regardless of physical limitations). 

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