01.04.2017 - 31.12.2018

The project’s main goal is researching on precision, automation and intelligence of enabling and necessary technologies -such as planning, navigation and mechatronics- which allow the shift of complex surgeries to the paradigm of minimally-invasive, safe and robotized interventions, understanding complex surgeries as those with the presence of sensitive structures -such as organs or blood vessels- and with difficult accessibility.

The SINAPSIS project’s specific objectives are divided in the technological development for two fields, which are safety and accessibility. Among the first group -safety- work will be focused on development of intelligent surgical planning technologies, capable of quantifying the degree of efficacy of interventions -as well as their risk levels- and producing surgical plans in an autonomous and intelligent manner. Among the second group -accessibility- work will be focused on the development of machine learning algorithms for initialization and control of registration processes between pre- and intra-operative images, as well as algorithms for intra-operative verification, improvement on fixtures for surgical instruments, precision increase of patient motion tracking devices and miniaturization of intra-operative sensing equipment.

SINAPSIS’ technological development will be transversal, that is, applicable to different surgical scenarios, including spinal interventions, biopsies, stereo electro-encephalography (used on cases of drug-resistant epilepsies), deep brain stimulation, ventriculoscopies, ablations and arthroscopies.

Vicomtech’s role in the SINAPSIS project is focused on the development of new algorithms for intelligent surgical planning and machine learning applied for medical image processing. Developments will be validated on the surgical scenarios of stereo-electroencephalography (SEEG) and lumbar vertebral fusion.


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